Concrete Pleasures


Welcome to our release show!

Of course we wanted to get close to you tonight in a trembling and sweaty EKKO, but things don’t always work out the way you planned.
As an alternative, we’ve decided to multiply our band tonight.

To celebrate our release and the continued existence of our most beloved venues, we will now perform simultaneously in seven Utrecht venues.
Don’t feel like watching the band? Come join us in the bar.
Special thanks goes out to EKKO, De Nijverheid, Koffie Leute, ACU, Kapitaal, 't Oude Pothuys and dB's. Utrecht is a wonderful place because of you.

For the best performance:

- watch us on Firefox or Google Chrome
- watch on a desktop...
- ...which is connected to the internet through a cable (so not through WiFi)
- Experiencing problems? Reload the page and the show will start again

You can switch between venues by clicking on the buttons.
Now sit back and relax, and click on play when you feel like it.
See you around,

Classic Water

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